Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pro Combat Uniform Rumors
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Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pro Combat Uniform Rumors

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The Georgia Bulldogs will officially reveal their 2011 Nike Pro Combat football uniforms on Saturday, August 20 at Picture Day. As the date approaches, rumors continue to surface.

Leather Helmet Blog linked to a post this morning from Cranford, who believes the following about the uniforms:

The basic understanding is that the uniforms will feature the flat silver helmets with a red stripe, and current placement of the “G” logo. The jersey and pant combination will be all red. The collar will feature a faint dog bone outline a la Bama’s houndstooth pattern. Facemasks will be red.

From Hedges to Hardwood is hearing similar rumors about the UGA Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. On this morning’s Hedge Talk 5 podcast, they discuss the uniforms and their possible “traditional” look: silver helmets and red jerseys.

We’ve heard and read the same thing in several different places. These rumors could be from multiple sources, or simply spreading like wildfire from one source.

What we do know is that the Georgia-Boise State game contract stipulates that the Dawgs will wear red jerseys. That’s all we know for sure until pictures are officially released by UGA this weekend. We’ll post the pictures as soon as they are available.

The good thing about releasing the Pro Combats two weeks prior to the Boise State game is it gives Dawg fans plenty of time for discussion. That way there are no surprises on game day and, hopefully, no cries of “fake juice.”


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