UGA WR Javon Wims demonstrates unmatched class and integrity
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UGA WR Javon Wims demonstrates unmatched class and integrity

Javon Wims
(Photo: Bob Smith/The Clarion-Ledger)

You may have seen many articles written about myself and how I enjoyed my official visit with the University of Georgia, and that is certainly true, as Coach Kirby Smart and staff are absolute wonderful people and gave my guest and I the five-star treatment. Without a doubt, it ranks up there with some of the top experiences throughout my young life.

However, I’d like to take the spotlight off of myself, and place the spotlight on the young man who initiated this whole experience for me, Georgia signee and future wide receiver Javon Wims. He has done something that you don’t see very often from recruits that are trying to make the best decisions for their future, and that is to treat someone that he had never met like a brother, letting me share such a thrilling experience right along with him.

Rather than focus on himself, which would be perfectly fine and expected, he made that night about me. Numerous times throughout the night, he would tell me that I had inspired him and asked me if I was having a good time. Aside from making me feel special, this also shows Wims’ class and care for others, and that’s something that should excite Georgia fans. In today’s world, we seek young athletes who will make change in our community, and Wims will bring that to UGA in his upcoming short tenure in Athens.

Wims has taken his selflessness further than just that night as well. We frequently have conversations with each other, trying to motivate each other to achieve something, for someone greater than ourselves. I have gained a lifelong friend in Javon Wims, and this has had a greater impact on me than the thrilling experience I was able to partake in a week ago.

My point in all of this is that the Georgia Bulldogs have found themselves an exceptional athlete and a better man. I’ve had quite a while to soak it all in, and after the many interviews and stories shared about my experience, I thought the spotlight should be taken off of myself. I’m truly honored that conquering a physical challenge has had an impact on others.

However, the spotlight is on you Javon. You’re a great person with an exceptional heart, and I can’t wait to see how you can make greater change in our community. Lastly, to Georgia fans, you should be privileged to have a special young man on your team, who will do great things both on and off of the field.


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