Who Needs Motivation for the Georgia-Florida Game?
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Who Needs Motivation for the Georgia-Florida Game?


I’ve read a lot of chatter from fans of both teams about extra motivation for the 2009 Georgia-Florida game. Florida fans harken back to the Celebration in 2007 and still cry disrespect. Georgia fans think back to last years 49-10 beating and the two Urban Meyer timeouts to extend the agony.

Other reasons to beat Florida that I’ve read:

  • Tim Tebow can break Herschel Walker’s rushing TD record against us
  • Ruin No. 1 Florida’s season

These are all good reasons to “get up” or get motivated for this game, and there are several others. But why do Georgia fans need added motivation for this game? It’s an annual game against one of our biggest rivals. We shouldn’t need motivation, and neither should the players.

Personally, I hate the Florida Gators. I also hate Georgia Tech, Auburn and Tennessee. Equally. I hate them all. They are our bitter rivals and I don’t want to see them succeed. Ever.

We shouldn’t need any fake juice or gimmicks to win this game. Blackouts? Uniform surprises? Celebrations? Timeouts? While those can all be fun, we shouldn’t need them to get motivated.

What we do need is excellent coaching, preparation, focus and determination to beat the Gators. Will we see that? Who knows.

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