Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation to raise money to build accessible home for Devon Gales
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Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation to raise money to build accessible home for Devon Gales

Devon Gales & Family
Photo: John Kelley/UGA

The Devon Gales story is quite remarkable, as the former Southern University wide receiver has had to alter his lifestyle and battle through many adverse times. The Gales family has been blessed throughout the journey by an outpouring of support, and those blessings continued as a great surprise was given to the family this morning in Athens.

Gales was discharged from Shepherd Center on Wednesday, and the opportunity to arrive home to Baton Rouge has come for the first time since the injury in September. This was definitely a time the Gales family was looking forward to, however a hurdle was placed in their way. The family currently lives in a home that has no accessibility for Devon, and mobility throughout his home would be very difficult.

The Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation has a mission to make that a lot simpler for the family. The organization is run by Reggie and Wesley Jones, as co-founder Wesley is a paraplegic himself due to a childhood accident. His personal experience has led the Jones family to help other families who are dealing with disability and injury, by providing accommodations to the home. Therefore, they have made an effort to do just that for Devon Gales.

“Unfortunately, the Gales home is one that cannot really be modified,” Wesley Jones said. “So we’re going to launch a new campaign today in order to build these guys a new home, because that’s what they deserve.”

The Gales family among others were brought to tears as the announcement was made, as it came to a complete surprise to everyone in attendance.

“That was a setback for us, and the Lord works in serious ways,” Devon’s father Donny Gales said.

The family planned on building a new house, however it has “taken a lot off of their shoulders” now that the financial hurdle has past and they can solely focus on Devon’s rehab and helping him re-accustomed to his home environment in Baton Rouge.

The fundraising initiative will take place at the Triumph Over Tragedy website. T-shirts and hoodies with the “Power G” and the Gales family name (as shown below) will be for sale, and other donations can be made as well.

“It’s truly a blessing, with it being a secret and all,” Devon said after the press conference.

Gales realizes how truly blessed he is, and feels as if he has been made a path to successfully achieve his goals.

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