Auburn's Nick Fairley should be suspended
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Auburn’s Nick Fairley should be suspended

Nick Fairley, a defensive tackle for the Auburn Tigers, should be suspended for the multiple cheap shots he took on Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray.

Let me be clear. This is not sour grapes. Certainly I am disappointed in Georgia’s loss to Auburn, and the Cam Newton situation is an entirely different issue.

This is about one player essentially headhunting another player. Nick Fairley played one of the dirtiest games I have witnessed in a long time.

It began in the first quarter when Fairley tackled Aaron Murray after a throw and drove him into the ground. Fairley appeared to force his facemask underneath Murray’s which cut him and drew a good bit of blood. It even forced Murray to change his jersey.

Later in the game, Fairley again drove Murray into the ground but ended up hurting his own shoulder in the process.

With just over 5 minutes remaining in the third quarter, Fairley hit Murray square in the back with his helmet. This time it was really late and Auburn was penalized 15 yards for roughing the passer. See the video below:

The final cheap shot came with 2 minutes remaining in the game with Auburn leading 49-31. Aaron Murray passed the ball, and then received a blow to his left knee from the helmet of Nick Fairley. Fairley was being blocked on the play, but he was released from the block and could have avoided Murray had he wanted to. See the video below:

After the last hit on Murray, which knocked him out of the game, the Georgia players were fuming and took out some aggression on Fairley on the next play. That resulted in some extra-curricular activity that saw two Auburn defensive linemen ejected over the next two plays – Michael Goggans and Mike Blanc. Both were ejected for throwing punches.

The Georgia and Auburn benches emptied and things almost got completely out of hand. This could have been avoided had the referee, Hubert Owens, taken control of the game earlier.

Fairley should have been penalized earlier in the game. Instead, he was given additional opportunities to intentionally hurt Aaron Murray. Nick Fairley should be suspended one game by the SEC for his actions on Saturday.

Again, this is not sour grapes. This is about one player obviously trying to injure another player. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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