Under the Lights: Georgia Football airs on SportSouth Saturday, August 7
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Under the Lights: Georgia Football airs on SportSouth Saturday, August 7


Under the Lights: Georgia Football will debut Saturday, August 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET on SportSouth. The program is a 30-minute special that highlights the University of Georgia’ football program.

A five-minute segment on Georgia’s Mat Drills is available to view now on FoxSportsSouth.com.

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Under the Lights: Georgia Football takes Bulldog fans into the heart of spring practice, allowing them to witness conversations between Head Coach Mark Richt and his team in the huddle, the fervor on the sidelines, and closed-door speeches in team meetings.  For the first time in his ten years with the Bulldogs, Richt allows a camera crew into the team’s infamous mat drills – the early morning conditioning drills in February that test each players’ physical and mental toughness.  Wireless microphones worn by the coaches during mat drills and team practices provide unique insight into their energy and enthusiasm for the game of football and the preparation involved in getting the team ready for G-Day, Georgia’s spring scrimmage.

With exclusive insight from Richt, assistant head coach Rodney Garner, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and players including Drew Butler, Shaun Chapas, DeMarcus Dobbs, AJ Green and Brandon Boykin, Under the Lights: Georgia Football illustrates the pride surrounding Georgia football and the intense “love affair” the team has with its fans.

Under the Lights: Georgia Football has additional airings on SportSouth on Sunday, August 15 at 8 p.m. ET and Tuesday, August 31 at 5:30 p.m. ET.

Head coach Mark Richt on spring practice

  • “Spring practice to me is a great time of the year because it’s a time of the year when you’re really not trying to win a game; you’re not preparing to play an opponent. You’re preparing your team. It’s the first opportunity you get to see your new team perform.”

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham on the tradition of Georgia football

  • “Tradition is a part of the game – it’s important to the fans, it’s important to the University, so therefore it needs to be important to the program. There is a certain amount of pride as a Georgia player that you need to have when you step on that field because you are not only representing yourself and your family, you’re representing the University of Georgia as well as all the people who have played at the University of Georgia.”

Richt on the Georgia football tradition

  • “When I came to Georgia I knew that we didn’t invent football.  I knew that there was a tremendous amount of tradition here, I knew that there were a lot of people that had done some wonderful things at Georgia and I wanted to embrace that.  I know our fan base understands the tradition at Georgia and I wanted to embrace the fans. I wanted our young men to understand that they didn’t invent football either and that there were a lot of people who came before them and paved the way for them to have the successes that they’ve had.”

Assistant head coach Rodney Garner on Richt’s character development program

  • “Some people say, ‘Why do it?’ I think it just shows how committed Coach Richt is to developing the total man. I mean, not just a football player, you know. What we’re trying to tell the parents is that when you give us your young men we’re going to give you a better man back.”

Punter Drew Butler on Coach Richt

  • One thing I get asked from other players and fans that aren’t around him as much is, ‘Is Coach Richt really the guy the he seems like?’  And the truth is he is.  He doesn’t put on a fake front, and I think that’s really important to the players and the fans and everybody else to understand.”

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