45-19! What Has Happened To Georgia?
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45-19! What Has Happened To Georgia?


What has happened to Georgia? Mark Richt’s Bulldogs used to have solid fundamentals, a productive offense and a Junkyard defense. Not anymore. Georgia traveled to Knoxville and again came away humiliated, this time 45-19.

The offense was terrible, producing only 152 yards passing and 89 yards rushing. Joe Cox threw two interceptions and Mike Moore fumbled just after a catch in the 4th quarter.

Willie Martinez’s defense, well, they were suspect as usual. The Georgia D surrendered 472 yards, and Vol QB Jonathan Crompton had a career day with 310 yards and 4 touchdowns. Why is every QB having a career day against Martinez’s defense this year?

So I ask again. What has happened to Georgia? The Dawgs don’t play with any fire and appear unprepared and poorly coached. That comes from the top down, starting with Mark Richt. But I’m not quite ready to say “Fire Mark Richt.”

I am ready to say post on this blog “Fire Willie Martinez” and just about any one else that deserves it. That could include Mike Bobo. Clean house if that’s what it takes.

Since Willie Martinez took over the defense in 2005, Georgia has surrendered 30+ points in 14 games. And his “bend but don’t break” defense is maddening to watch. He has long been the target of disgruntled Georgia fans, and his demise should be near. It’s time to move in a new direction defensively.

Regarding Mike Bobo, he’s not the world’s worst offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach. But his results this year have been abysmal. Joe Cox, while a good guy and a tireless worker, is not the long-term answer at quarterback (I know, it’s his last year). Next in line would be Logan Gray, but he’s been hanging out on kickoff coverage and fielding punts. As a result, Gray isn’t “ready” to play QB, or maybe he just doesn’t have “it.” Thus his time on special teams.

That leaves the two freshman quarterbacks, Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger. Is either ready to play? According to the coaches, no. True freshman play at other schools, and play well. Stafford played as a true freshman in 2006. Bobo should have had one of them ready to play. But they aren’t, and now Georgia is stuck playing Cox, with Gray coming in once in awhile for giggles.

As bad as this year has turned out, wait until next year. We still don’t have an answer at running back (damn you Knowshon!). The QB pecking order will start with Logan Gray because, you know, he’s been here the longest. Then we’ll see Aaron Murray. But not seeing any snaps this year will certainly hinder our progress next year. It could be another long year.

So back to Mark Richt. He is on the hot seat himself and he has lost control of the UGA program. He is going to HAVE to make difficult decisions. He HAS to fire Willie Martinez. Others may follow.

After Georgia was embarrassed 35-14 in Knoxville in 2007, Richt had this to say:

“As I looked around, I was seeing that everybody was kind of waiting on someone else to do something, coaches and players. I was getting kind of mad at them until I looked in the mirror and realized that they were just basically reflecting me. I was sitting there watching, waiting for somebody to do something, too.”

“I do remember that game distinctly,” Richt said. “If you’re talking about 60 minutes of football, I don’t think there’s any game that felt more empty than that day.”

Now that this has happened again Coach, are you going to sit and watch again? Or are you going to do something? What has happened to Georgia? Please do something about it!!

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