Fanhouse: "Joe Cox Is Joe Tereshinski With Longer Arms"
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Fanhouse: “Joe Cox Is Joe Tereshinski With Longer Arms” doesn’t hold anything back in the ongoing critique of the Georgia Bulldogs after their 24-10 loss at Oklahoma State. In his Monday article, Clay Travis blisters UGA by saying “Joe Cox is Joe Tereshinski with longer arms and less generational connection to the football program.”

Travis goes on to write the following:

It’s almost like the University of Georgia sent out talking points to Bulldog fans; it was uncanny how brainwashed they all were.

Because Georgia is in real trouble. At best they’re going to split their next two games, at home against South Carolina and on the road at Arkansas.

And to start his article, Travis uses the Bulldogs opener as an example:

Here’s the top lesson from Saturday: If you’re a major program, never schedule a game you can lose as your season opener. Period. This should be a rule.

I can’t say that I disagree with any of his comments. However, I will say that it is maybe one game too early (or one injury) before deciding that Joe Cox will see the same fate as Joe Tereshinski. That is, being replaced by an underclassmen quarterback.

Things could go south in a hurry if the Dawgs lose to South Carolina on Saturday. If Joe Cox proves at some point during the game that he can’t make the necessary plays, or protect the football, it will be time for Logan Gray to show what he can do.

Of course, that begs another question. Can Logan Gray manage the game, protect the football and “not lose the game” for the Bulldogs? We won’t know until we actually see him do something other than receive punts or run the Wild Dawg/Greyhound.

On to the “never schedule a game you can lose as your season opener” comment. When we signed that deal in November 2006, the Cowboys had a record of 76-104-3 from 1990 through 2005. Even from 2001 through 2006 (4 seasons under Les Miles, 2 under Gundy), Oklahoma State was 34-39.

At the time, the Cowboys were basically a “middle of the road” BCS team. Even the Georgia Sports Blog referred to them as the “South Carolina” of the Big 12.


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