Site Changes and Wordpress Blog Coming Soon
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Site Changes and WordPress Blog Coming Soon

Georgia Bulldogs is currently in the process of changing web hosts. The change has already taken place and should not have any affect on site functionality. We are actually mirrored on two web hosts for the time being to prevent any down time.

Another change we will be making in November and December is the integration of a WordPress blog into the site. There will not be a massive overhaul of the site design, only what is necessary to enable WordPress.

There are two reasons we are integrating WordPress into the site. First, it will provide a more modern method for readers of to interact and respond to our site and articles. Second, using blog software to post articles is significantly quicker than our current method of coding html/php pages. This will enable us to provide more content.

During the WordPress integration, there may be some down time or pages that don’t load correctly. Please bear with us during this period. As always, thanks for visiting and supporting If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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