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College Football Zealots UGA Roundtable participated in a Georgia Bulldogs football roundtable discussion with other UGA bloggers. The article was posted today at

Here are the six questions we were asked with my answers. Feel free to add your own responses in the comments section below:

CFBZ: Which game is more critical for Georgia to win: Boise State or South Carolina?

Although I should say winning the first SEC game, I’ll go with Boise State. It’s critical for this Bulldog team to beat a Top Ten opponent with what will essentially be a home field advantage. Plus the ramifications of losing to Boise State would more than likely carry over to the South Carolina game. And UGA gave up an almost certain W against Louisville to play this game.

CFBZ: Other than Isaiah Crowell, which incoming freshman do you think will have the biggest impact in 2011?

Since Johnathan Jenkins isn’t a freshman, I’ll say Ray Drew. The Dawgs really need to shore up the front seven in the second year of Grantham’s 3-4 defense. Georgia gave up 1,914 yards on the ground in 2010, which was almost 300 more than in 2009 under Willie Martinez. Plus it seemed like they couldn’t stop anyone on third down.

CFBZ: Who are some under-the-radar guys that you think will step up for Georgia this year?

I think Kenarious Gates will step up this year on the OL. They also need some receivers to step up, and Rantavious Wooten fits the bill. On defense, Kwame Geathers. He will be pushed hard by Jenkins.

CFBZ: What makes you most excited about seeing Georgia play this year?

Watching Aaron Murray lead what appears to be, on the surface, a tougher and more focused team. I know, seems like a broken record that plays every offseason.

CFBZ: What makes you the most nervous about seeing Georgia play this year?

The two back-to-back tough games to open the season. Plus our annual wet-the-bed episodes in Jacksonville.

CFBZ: Athlon Sports has rated the Dawgs at #14 and Phil Steele has them at #9 in their pre-season polls. Both have Georgia winning the SEC East and playing in the Capital One Bowl. What needs to happen for Georgia to live up to these lofty expectations?

These are lofty expectations indeed, especially for a team that went 8-5 in 2009 and 7-6 in 2010, capped off by a measly two field goals against UCF.

Several things need to happen for the Dawgs to live up to these expectations. Georgia needs to start the season 2-0 or the wheels could fall off. But I could see a scenario where they lose to Boise State, beat the Gamecocks and then go on to finish the regular season 9-3 or 10-2.

The Dawgs also need to make more stops on defense, especially on third down. On offense, they really need some good production from Caleb King while Isaiah Crowell acclimates himself to the college game.

Injuries are always a concern, and staying healthy will also go a long way towards living up to the preseason expectations. The Dawgs have a lot of talent, but the backups have little experience at several key positions, such as quarterback, running back and along both lines.

Thanks for having us and Go Dawgs!


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